1. "You make me feel safe."

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    Cristina and Isabel - 3x06

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    Isabel: I should have gotten married to you.
    Cristina: You’re crazy. Would you have really married me?
    Isabel: Yes. I want to.
    Cristina: Yes. I want to.

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    Crisabel 3x04 (II)

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    I’ll show you my private things, like my scrapbook of fantasies… (x)

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    Both coming from comedy backgrounds, Amy and Lindsay began writing a series of sketches about a couple, making light of their favorite lesbian clichés. Over the course of a few long conversations in coffee shops and burger joints in lower Manhattan, the girls came to the conclusion that the narrative could highlight the clichés that we laugh at, by trying to acknowledge and undo them. The end result became “The Better Half”, a series about two girls in a loving long-term relationship, struggling to find excitement and romance in the midst of comfort and friendship.


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